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    Lila Ristevska –High Performance Training for Sports

    Because golf predominantly uses one sided of the body this creates an overuse of that one side which results in injury and pain.   This can cause an imbalance in strength and flexibility. Also you may need general conditioning to help with strength, power, balance, flexibility to develop that golf swing or to get started. 
    You need – flexibility (is the ability of muscles to lengthen) and mobility  (is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motionin the; hips, back, shoulders.

    • Strong glutes (gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus) (buttocks) for the power of the drive
    • Strong back and abdominals (core muscles)
    • The abdominal muscles (transverse abdominis muscles), oblique muscles, and rectus abdominis are needed to help stabilize the spine and create the power of the swing
    • The strength and shoulder mobility (ie retraction of shoulder blades) is important in golf also.  

    Coach Lil's program can help with all the above.

    Using the OzzyBall as well as Yoga, functional training, strength training and rehabilitation.

    Personal Trainer for Golf

    Golf Personal Trainer -Coach Lil

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    Olympic Fitness Personal Trainer
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    What Is The OzzyBall
    and what is the OzzyBall System?

    The most fun you can have exercising.
    The most practical.
    The most effective.
    It's also the simplest, safest and lowest cost training device.  In addition, it will fit in your suitcase or carry on.  On an OzzyBall you can even be training your posture and your back muscles when your not even thinking of training.  Just use it as a chair.  That is not all.  Once your kids see it you may discover new ways to use it as a toy for years.

    The OzzyBall System is a workout program designed for the OzzyBall. 
    The OzzyBall System is developed by Lila Ristevska.  It incorporates yoga, functional strength training, core strength development, and spinal motions. It is ideal for athletes.
    OzzyBall is also excellent for all people who need to increase their range of motion, get fit and stay healthy.  It develops a strong mind and body connection promoting health and vitality.

    Group OzzyBall Classes

    Printable Brochure Here


    Winter Workshop Classes-

    OzzyBall is for anyone who is willing to be challenged with exercise and have fun doing it. Perfect for core strengthening, improving flexibility and reducing stress.

    Gyrotonic Satnam-
    Fitness Boutique

    2916 S Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach, FL

    Tuesday -Nov 27 2018, 2:00 PM  $30.

    Tuesday -Dec 18 2018, 2:00 PM   $30.

    Tuesday -Jan 22 2018, 2:00 PM   $30.

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    Power Coaching = Performance Acceleration

    Experienced Olympic Trials Athlete - Power Coach Lil.

    Power coaching is an ongoing professional relationship, that quickly Improves your performance and enhances their quality of life. Coaching that takes where you are now and where you are willing to go in the future.

    Afraid of Exercising Because of An Old Injury?

    Professional Coach moves the client into motion that is fun and really enjoy workouts. And more importantly, create that physiological shift in the brain. that awakes your body. Resulting in the best shape of your life. You will quickly see the shift in your brain and body

    We come to You. Meet at Palm Beach Beaches, Gym or Your Place.

    Power Coaching that taps into your Mind and body creating awareness and clarity to strengthen the body. Workouts that strengthen without injury cultivating extraordinary results that change lives. Coach Lil wants to help you become the best version of yourself.

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